Elisa Di Nuovo presents a new resource for NLP “VALICO-UD”.

Title: VALICO-UD, an Italian Learner Treebank in Universal Dependencies for NLP tasks

In this talk, a novel parallel treebank made of texts written by learners of Italian and their grammatically corrected versions will be presented. The treebank is annotated according to Universal Dependencies formalism and is composed of a silver standard (automatically parsed) and a core gold standard which was manually corrected and error annotated. In addition, the evaluation of three different UDPipe models will be presented, measuring also the impact of gold tokenisation and PoS tagging. To conclude, its applications and annotation choices will be discussed.

Paper: Towards an Italian Learner Treebank in Universal Dependencies

When: On 15th January, 2021 at 11.30 am

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