HaMor To Profile Hate Speech Spreaders

Mirko Lai and Marco A. Stranisci will present an innovative approach that takes into account the morality and communicative behaviour of the users to profile hate speech spreaders online.

Title: HaMor at the Profiling Hate Speech Spreaders on Twitter

In this talk, they will describe the Hate and Morality (HaMor) submission for the Profiling of Hate Speech Spreaders on Twitter, the shared task at PAN 2021.
HaMor ranked as the 19th position – over 66 participating teams – with an averaged accuracy value of 73% reached over the two languages.
This approach obtained the 43th higher accuracy for English (62%) and the 2nd higher accuracy for Spanish (84%).
In particular, it involves four types of features that help the system to infer users attitudes just from their messages: hate speech detection, users morality, named entities, and communicative behaviour.
The results of their experiments are promising and will lead to future investigations of these features in a finer grained perspective.

When: On 5th November at 11.30 am



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