Mining Annotator Perspectives from Hate Speech Corpora

Valerio Basile will introduce a new automatic method to identify annotators’ perspectives in controversial issues such as Hate Speech.

Title: Mining Annotator Perspectives from Hate Speech Corpora

Disagreement in annotation, traditionally treated mostly as noise, is now more and more often considered as a source of valuable information instead. He investigated a particular form of disagreement, occurring when the focus of an annotated dataset is a subjective and controversial phenomenon, therefore inducing a certain degree of polarization among the annotators’ judgments. He argued that the polarization is indicative of the conflicting perspectives held by different annotator groups, and propose a quantitative method to model this phenomenon. Moreover, he introduced a method to automatically identify shared perspectives stemming from a common background.
He tested this method on several corpora in English and Italian, manually annotated according to their hate speech content, validating prior knowledge about the groups of annotators, when available, and discovering characteristic traits among annotators with unknown background.
He found numerous precisely defined perspectives, described in terms of increased sensitivity towards textual content expressing attitudes such as xenophobia, Islamophobia, and homophobia.

When: February 11 at 11.30

Where: online

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