Application and approaches of Multi Document summarization in Medical Data with state of the art

Md Murad Hossain will talk about application and approaches of Multi Document summarization.
Multi-document summarization is an automatic procedure to extract information from multiple texts written about the same topic. It focuses on generating a coherent summary from documents concerning an event or issue. Recently, multi-document summarization techniques have been used to summarize the different web pages such as sports, weather, business, etc. Even in the medical sector, it can help outline the web pages in brief sentences or paragraphs. The recent uses of multi-document summarization techniques allow physicians or doctors know about medicine or diseases within a short time. In my presentation, I want to explain some approaches of multi-document summarization that can be used in the medical data set. I also want to show state-of-the-art based on studied articles on this topic with research gap, which may help us go ahead with the application of Multi-document Summarization approaches.

When: 6th May

Where: in presence and online

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