The laboratory and the experiences in Italian high schools.

The possibility of raising awareness about misbehaviour online, such as hate speech, especially in young generations, could help society to reduce their impact, and thus, their consequences.

The Commissione Orientamento e Informatica nelle Scuole of the Computer Science Department of the University of Turin has designed various technologies that support educational projects and activities in this perspective. 

In the past year and a half, Alessandra T. Cignarella, Simona Frenda, Mirko Lai and Marco A. Stranisci developed a laboratory called #DeactivHate, specifically designed for secondary school students (aged 14-19). The cycle of 5 lessons aims at countering hateful phenomena online and also at making students aware of technologies that they use on a daily basis. Furthermore, some basic methodologies and common practices of Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence are introduced.

In this talk, Alessandra will describe the teaching experience in high schools and the usefulness of some of the activities tested for bringing a small taste of NLP in Italian high schools.

When: 17/06/2022

Where: Sala riunioni 3° floor


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