Is ChatGPT better than Human Annotators?

We well discuss on a work called “Is ChatGPT better than Human Annotators? Potential and Limitations of ChatGPT in Explaining Implicit Hate Speech” published on Association for Computing Machinery.

There will be no formal speakers for this meeting and it is open to everybody’s opinion!


Recent studies have alarmed that many online hate speeches are implicit. With its subtle nature, the explainability of the detection of such hateful speech has been a challenging problem. In this work, we examine whether ChatGPT can be used for providing natural language explanations (NLEs) for implicit hateful speech detection. We design our prompt to elicit concise ChatGPT-generated NLEs and conduct user studies to evaluate their qualities by compari- son with human-generated NLEs. We discuss the potential and limitations of ChatGPT in the context of implicit hateful speech research.

When: 10/03/2023 11:30am

Where: Sala riunioni (1fs floor)

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