KitchenScrap: Fastening SLR Process Following Kitchenham Framework through Data Mining

Okky Ibrohim will introduce us KitchenScrap.

As a researcher, we should conduct research that gives an impact on the community, which means what we do should fill the research gap to solve research problems that have not been solved yet by previous works. To find that research gap, we should explore what has been done by the previous works through a systematic review, one of which is by following the Kitchenham framework. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to do a systematic review using the Kitchenham framework, from defining the research question, the boolean query, to the final dimension analysis step. More important, in this tutorial we will practice how to use KitchenScrap (, a Python library that can help us fasten the systematic review process by semi-automatically collect and filter paper metadata following the Kitchenham framework.

When: 12/05/2023 11:30am

Where: Sala riunioni (1st floor)

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