DelBERTo: A Deep Lightweight Transformer for Sentiment Analysis

Where: Sala conferenze (3th floor)
When: January 26, 2024, 11:30

Luca Molinaro is a PhD student from our 39th cycle, and he will present his work titled ‘DelBERTo: A Deep Lightweight Transformer for Sentiment Analysis,’ which has been accepted at AIxIA 2022. Please find the abstract below.

This article introduces DelBERTo, a resource-efficient Transformer architecture for Natural Language Processing (NLP). Transformers replace convolutions and recurrence with the self-attention mechanism and represent the state-of-the-art in NLP. However, self-attention’s complexity grows quadratically with the size of the input, which limits their applications. DelBERTo relies on adaptive input and on a deep yet lightweight Transformer architecture to reduce the number of learnable parameters, and relies on adaptive softmax to improve pre-training speed and memory footprint. We evaluate the proposed architecture in a sentiment analysis task and compare it against AlBERTo, a BERT model representing the state-of-the-art in sentiment analysis over Italian tweets. DelBERTo has only one-seventh of AlBERTo’s learnable parameters, is faster, and requires less memory. Despite this, our experiments show that DelBERTo is competitive with AlBERTo over the three SENTIPOLC sub-tasks proposed at EVALITA 2016: subjectivity classification, polarity classification, and irony detection.

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