Typicality, Probabilities and Cognitive Heuristics: A Dynamic Knowledge Generation Framework for Knowledge Invention with applications in Cognitive Modelling, Computational Creativity, Explainable AI and Serendipity-based Recommender Systems

Antonio Lieto

Inventing novel knowledge to solve problems is a crucial, creative, mechanism employed by humans, to extend their range of action. In this talk, I will show how commonsense reasoning plays a crucial role in this respect. In particular, I will present a cognitively inspired reasoning framework for knowledge invention and creative problem solving exploiting TCL: a probabilistic non-monotonic extension of a Description Logic (DL) of typicality able to combine prototypical (commonsense) descriptions of concepts in a human-like fashion. The proposed approach has been tested in a variety of fields and applications. I will present the obtained results, the lessons learned, and the road ahead of this research path.

See this page for a list of the main papers and applications

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