iTelos – A methodology for building reusable purpose-specific Knowledge Graphs

Simone Bocca (University of Trento), will present iTelos – A methodology for building reusable purpose-specific Knowledge Graphs.

Knowledge Graphs (KGs) have become more and more popular in recent years, due to their efficiency in handling, representing and integrating information. Within different areas of interest KGs are exploited, for several objectives, by applications, services, as well as data analysis and visualization. Such popularity increased the need of building KGs for many different purposes stated by users, sometimes, without a clear understanding about the several issues to be addressed while building a KG. We propose iTelos, a KG building methodology designed to support the user in resolving those issues. In other words, iTelos aims to reduce the effort in building KGs as suitable as possible for the purpose expressed by the final users. To this end, the methodology is based on two key ideas; (i) to stratify the resources involved into different semantic interoperability levels, in order to deal with multiple types of data heterogeneity; (ii) to enhance as much as possible the reuse of already existing data and knowledge resources during the KG building process, thus reducing the effort required for the construction, and producing in turn highly reusable resources. iTelos is currently taught in the Knowledge and Data Integration (KDI) master course in University of Trento (Italy) and Jilin University (China), as well as adopted in EU projects by KnowDive group (University of Trento, Department of Information engineering and Computer Science).

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When: 25/03/22

Where: online and in presence

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