Geodiversity and Geoheritage

Comparison of definitions and values

Alizia Mantovani will present a survey about analogies and differences between Geoheritage and of Geodiversity.

In literature, the relation between geoheritage and geodiversity is well rooted. In fact, the term geodiversity is always present in papers that concern geoheritage. However, the methods of assessment and the characteristics that describe them have different approaches and use terms that are sometimes similar and sometimes different. In literature, it is possible to find different lists of values that characterize the elements of geoheritage, as well as there is a system of characterization of the services. Those lists, even if applied to concepts that are often associated, are rarely associated and cross-used. In this talk, she will explore different points of view on the characterization of geoheritage and of geodiversity through the comparison of the assessment approaches, and how they are similar and different. 

When: 08/04/2022

Where: in presence and online

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