Current Challenges in Information Extraction

Elisa Bassignana (, formerly a master’s student at the Department of Computer Science and now a PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen, will be delivering a seminar on the current challenges in information extraction. Please find the abstract below.

With the increase of digitized data and extensive access to it, the task of extracting relevant information with respect to a given query has become crucial. The variety of applications of the tasks related to Information Extraction, together with the impossibility of annotating data for every individual setup, require models to be robust to data shifts. In this talk I will present the findings of my PhD project with respect to one of the most important challenges of Information Extraction: The ability of models to perform in unseen scenarios (i.e., unknown text domains and unknown queries). Specifically, I will dive deep into the challenges of cross-domain Relation Extraction.

When: 26/10/2023 15:00

Where: Sala conferenze (3th floor)

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