IDA – a multimodal comparable corpus for exploring extremist dynamics in online interaction

Selenia Anastasi (she/her) is a Phd candidate in Digital Humanities at the University of Genoa and a Fellow at the Language Technology Group, Hamburg University. She will be delivering a presentation on an already published work: IDA – a multimodal comparable corpus for exploring extremist dynamics in online interaction.

Link to the publication: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities 2023 (CMC-2023)


Extremist online communities are rapidly growing locally, posing potential threats to European and non-European countries. To gain insight into the dynamics of interaction within these web-based extremist groups, we present IDA, the Incel Data Archive. IDA is a multilingual and multimodal corpus compiled from Incel forums in both Italian and English languages. With its collection of forums, blogs, and websites, the Incelosphere serves as an ideal case study for examining interaction dynamics within extremist online communities from a cross-cultural perspective. Therefore, this work makes a twofold contribution: firstly, it provides an original cross-cultural perspective on the Incel phenomenon, and secondly, it extensively discusses the challenges and opportunities encountered when constructing a multimodal and multilingual corpus from discussion forums. The results of the thematic exploration of the corpus demonstrate not only variations in the discussion topic favoured by each community but also differences in the targets of their hateful content. 

When: 24/11/2023 11:30

Where: Sala conferenze (3th floor)

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